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Enough Good News - Book #1

Blind Justice - Book #3
They set the house alarm and headed out to what was still a beautifully starry night, although it had gotten much cooler. They were both moving a little slower than usual partly due to the meal they had consumed, but also because they wanted to stretch a moment in time that was swiftly coming to an end. He reached into the plastic bag that held his suit and wallet and pulled out his business card. He wrote something on the back and handed it to her.
    “Call me when you get home so I know you made it safely? My home number is on the back.” 
    Oh, man she thought, he's one of those. She always forgot to call, and most of her friends knew by now not to even say anything. She figured she would have to break him in too. “If I forget, just believe God that I got home safely?” 
    He took a step closer before speaking quietly. “Sidra, I’m tired. Please, don’t make me drive all the way home just to go back out to the office and pull your number from the HR records to make sure you’re safe.” 
    That did it, she was officially impressed. “No need.” Pulling a piece of paper out of her purse, she wrote her home number on it before handing it to him. He took the paper and pulled her toward him in one move. He gave her a ‘church hug’ and then whispered in her ear. “Drive safe. You live in Virginia right? How long does it take you to get home from here?
    She almost collapsed. Being that close to him and feeling his warm breath in her ear sent her senses reeling but she managed to answer him. “Should be about 20 minutes this time of night.”
    He held her for a moment longer before letting go. “Alright, expect your phone to ring in about 30 minutes.”

No Weapon - Book #2
Sidney sighed. “I simply wanted you to know where I was coming from. So, when I say things that may not seem to make any sense at the moment, give me a little lee-way, okay?”
Past experience had taught him well and he knew better than to agree to something so vague. “Things like what?”
“Like, what if I told you I know you didn’t just randomly show up at the health expo or walk up to me tonight. You were sent to protect me.”
 He sat motionless, had even stopped breathing at some point. No one had ever picked up on his cover before. Not once. It was one of the things he prided himself on. If he needed to be a drug dealer or a diplomat or a charming ladies man, he became that person. He had a natural ability to blend into every possible demographic. So how did this one woman with no background in espionage pick up on him so easily? His senses went on high alert and he felt like he had just been busted in a sting.
Clearing his throat brought no relief from the things he was feeling so he grabbed his glass and took a long swallow. When he was sure he could speak in a normal tone he set the glass back on the table. “Why would you say something like that?”
“God told me.”
“What else did He tell you?”
She gave a furtive grin. “Nothing else about you, so you can relax.”

Justice studied her for a long moment. It was his custom to pick one word for his case subjects and stick with it for the length of the case. He found it helped him to focus as time went on. It happened during every case that situations starting out as crystal clear would eventually turn murky. He knew it would be hard to see the forest for the trees at that point so this was an aid he developed early on. That one word chosen in the beginning usually helped clear his mind when the time came. 
He could still hear the voice of his old academy instructor in the back of his head. Trust your gut. First impressions were usually right, so he always took the time to capture his while the person didn’t realize they were being watched. He watched her stop to talk to a young mother and kiss the woman’s baby before she disappeared into the church. He settled on ‘engaging’ as his word for Cadence. She was attractive, but not in the commercial sense. She was graceful but not girly, definitely more ball player than ballerina. She also had a smile that could light up a city.
Engaging. He would have to remember that for the future. Remember that when he felt himself being pulled in by pretty almond shaped eyes and smooth skin the color of chocolate. He could admit that he was attracted to her but Tony’s account of ‘the miracle’ still bothered him and he was not going to rest until that little mystery was solved. 
He would not allow her to get him off track, even if she was precisely what he looked for in a woman, down to the thicker frame and painted red toes. Even if she looked liked she had been custom made to suit his preference in women, there could be no missteps with Cadence. That’s what he told himself once more before he opened the car door and stepped onto the asphalt parking lot.
Man, I’m in trouble.

LONG NIGHT - Book #4

Terrence hung up the phone in disbelief. He should have been ecstatic. The case he’d been working on had finally been wrapped up and he was free. It took twice as long as he thought it would to complete, almost nine months. 
Long enough to have a baby he thought to himself. And apparently long enough for her to establish a relationship with another man. Instead of ecstasy all he felt that night was disbelief.
He remembered looking at the phone again tempted to pick it up and redial the number, but he knew there would be no use. The line was free of static and he heard the words Sidney spoke on the voicemail message clearly.
“I’m getting married. I didn’t want you to find out any other way. I thought I at least owed you that.”
He placed the phone back in its cradle and walked to his bedroom. The more her words re-played in his mind the more agitated he became. She owed him more than a phone call telling him that she was engaged to another man. She owed him a lot more than that. She owed him her life. She owed him her heart!
So here he was, in the most expensive county in California going to a neighborhood he would never be able to afford on his salary as an FBI agent. He knew of the expensive homes and boutique shops located in the area. They and the people who occupied them were often the subject of T.V. shows, but he wasn’t interested in the area as a whole. Only one mansion held his interest. He used his contacts at the agency to get the address he was now headed toward. He wasn’t interested in taking her away from him. She had clearly made her choice and he loved her enough to let her go. All he wanted to know was… why?

Donna had made her peace with God shortly before leaving prison, so she knew she was headed to heaven. But, try as she might, she just couldn’t seem to get there. Donna figured Jesus was the only man she could turn to, but even He didn’t want her right now, not in heaven anyway. And suicide attempts aside, don’t get her started on the topic of men. A relationship with a decent guy was apparently out of the question. As soon as they found out she had spent time in prison, they just about broke their necks to get away from her. She had no one. Her family was dead, well, at least the ones I grew up with, she thought as she looked down at the paper spread across her desk.
She sighed and folded over the newspaper, quietly tucking it into the tote bag next to her desk. It was still early and she was the only one in the little medical office. The article she had just been reading, written in the entertainment section of a national newspaper, showed Sidney Lyons and her husband, actor Chase Simmons, out for the premiere of his new movie. They enjoyed themselves on the town later that night. The paper ended up between the inner wall of her canvas bag and another section of a different newspaper. 
The other paper was a recent article taken out of the Washington Post. It was an announcement about the opening of a new law firm by Sidra and Jensen West. The announcement stated that they would gladly accept anyone, from single clients with modest incomes to large corporations. Donna exhaled deeply, wondering if they would accept a long lost family member. 

EVEN ME - Book #5

“I want a divorce.” Steady eyes looked the man up and down and waited for a reaction.
“I am not giving you a divorce!”
She blew out a frustrated breath. “Separation, whatever. This isn’t working for me.”


“Asia, did you tell your father thank you?”
“Oh. Sorry.” The willowy ten year old grinned bashfully and ran toward her father. “Thank you, Daddy.”
Mocha smiled appreciatively. “You’re welcome, baby girl. Only the best for you.” 
The white baby grand piano was plastered with removable pink and purple stickers cut out in the shape of musical notes. It now sat prominently in the middle of the living room of his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his third child, Martina. 
“I’m going to go call Tori and tell her!” Asia raced up the steps of the townhome to her bedroom, leaving her parents alone.
Martina smiled as the little girl left. “Thank you for doing that for her.”
“She’s my daughter. It was no problem.”
Martina stopped herself from rolling her eyes. Asia was also his daughter a few years ago when he basically ignored her and barely sent enough money to cover her school uniforms...

     THIRD WATCH - Book #6
Sidra Lyons has it all; a great family, a wonderful life, and a new relationship with an amazing man. Life for her is pure bliss, and she doesn't think God could bless her any better if He tried.

When the father she's had little contact with over the last thirty years shows up and announces he has a daughter from a previous relationship ( a relationship he had while married to her mother), her life begins to make some interesting turns.

The sisters embark on a journey of love and self-discovery. Will they be able to put their differences aside and form a real family? Only time will tell.
Some time has passed since Enough Good News, and Sidney has settled into her new family, new job, and new church. She soon discovers, however, that all that glitters isn't gold, and everyone talking about heaven ain't going.

Weak church leaders fall easily under the influence of dark forces targeting Sidney. These "men of God"
begin to spread lies and false rumors about her to everyone they can, turning most of her family and friends against her - not realizing that they are leaving their own families and congregations open for the destruction they have planned for Sidney.

It is with all this going on that God seems to be nowhere in sight, but don't worry... God is not mocked, and sometimes, He provides help in the most unexpected ways.
FBI Agent, Justice West, helped save his sister-in-law from a crazy clergyman. He is now on his way to meet his destiny; he just doesn't know it yet. While sucked into a vortex of secret societies and church mafia, Justice finds a rose in the middle of the desert by the name of Cadence Miller.

Like Sidney, Cadence is the target of jealous church leaders who are more interested in her gift than the Creator who gave it to her. She meets Justice at a time when her vulnerability could make her lose sight of what's really important.

Will Justice be able to capture the beauty of the rose without destroying it? God only knows, and it is God that Justice must find above all else.
Terrence Johnson has experienced a lot during his time on the planet. He's a simple guy, and FBI agent, trying to make the world a better place. After a lifetime of disappointment, he was introduced to God, and His unconditional love. Terrence thought that once he accepted God into his life, all of his problems would disappear. He was wrong, they got worse.

After nearly losing his life, and then the love of a lifetime, he's back to the same place he's always been... alone.

Terrence is ready to move past his hurts and into the future God has planned for him, but he needs to fight through old issues from his past to do it. He has nothing left but a promise from God that it will all work together for his good. Will he stick around long enough to see the promise fulfilled?
Donna Caswell has a problem. She can't seem to break out of the confines of her past to move into the future she wants to have. When God gives her the favor of a jumpstart, things begin to change in her life.

Donna starts to think that maybe change is possible. But she doesn't realize she's got a devil on her trail that's been with her family a long time, and it doesn't want to let her go.

What's a girl to do, fight her way into God-given opportunities and potential, or let fear dictate her into a stalemate? Donna has to make a choice between the path of least resistance and the pain of moving forward. There is a cost to be paid either way. Will she make it to the other side?
Music mogul and superstar, Mocha, has given his life to Christ, but he needs to do some damage control before he can move forward. He's trying to put his life back in order, but that becomes more than a challenge when his young daughter learns what he's done.

Mocha would love nothing more than to put his family back together, but his past behavior has all but made that impossible. Can he find peace in the midst of a storm?

Only God Knows.
Conner Styles sat in the news studio in front of the well known reporter with his hands folded. It had been a few weeks since he'd been raised from the dead, and he had been praying for most of that time. He knew God had given him a second chance, and he wanted to make the most of it.
"Alright Conner. We'll get right to it. You were raised from the dead three weeks ago. What do you remember? Did you have visions of a bright, white light and heaven?"
"Uh, no. I was in hell."
The man paled for a moment. "You were...?"
"In hell," Conner repeated.
"How do you know that?"
Conner offered a half smile. "Well, the heat, flames, and demons sort of gave it away."
​Kingdom Force is the seventh and final book in the Good News Series. This is it. It all comes down to the wire, and a heavenly cloud of witnesses is gathered to see if the West and Johnson families will hold onto their faith in the middle of their testing period. It could go either way as forces from heaven and hell fight to gain control of turf they both consider their own.

Read the conclusion of the matter here.
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REVELATIONS is the first book in the End of Days Series. You will find some of the characters from the Good News Series in this book, but there are several new people to meet and situations to deal with.

What in the world in going on? Has everyone on the planet lost their minds?

Well yeah, pretty much, but then it is the end of the world, so we shouldn't be too surprised.
The FIRST TWO CHAPTERS of REVELATIONS is currently available for FREE as a pdf download on this website. SIMPLY RIGHT CLICK THE FILE AND CHOOSE SAVE LINK AS. If you'd prefer to read it on your kindle, the first two chapters can be purchased and downloaded from Amazon for $0.99

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